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No one chooses to become addicted to drugs and alcohol… and hurt themselves or others!


Those who use drugs lack moral principles or willpower and could stop their drug use if they really wanted to.


Whilst the initial decision to take drugs is voluntary for most people, repeated recreational drug use leads to physiological changes in the brain which seriously affect a person’s decision making. Those changes interfere with their ability to resist and control the urge to take more drugs, despite them knowing the very serious consequences. Hurting their loved ones, losing everything… even their lives.

This illness creates a physical compulsion so even when the person desperately wants to stop - they can’t. It’s like a runaway train which leaves behind broken families, homelessness, criminal activity, accidental death and suicide.

As a result, more people die of drug misuse every year than all knife crime and road traffic incidents combined.


Because drugs are so readily available, most of us can think of someone in our life who is taking or dabbling with them. Whether that’s a parent, a child, a friend or neighbour, no single factor can predict whether that person will become addicted.

Have you a person is mind as you read this?

Addiction does not discriminate. It will take anyone, from any background, from any age, from any walk of life. There is no stereotype. Yet society continues to create one – the perception that those who become addicted are; pathetic, weak or immoral. This is simply not true and needs to change.

The 180 Project

There is good news. Addiction is treatable and can be successfully managed with the right support. The 180 Project provides that support to help those trapped in the vicious cycle of addiction to break free.

The power of CrossFit combined with education, counselling and life coaching is helping people get, and stay, physically, mentally and emotionally well and socially connected.

Can you help?

We want to reach more people and prevent them falling into this trap and for those already caught up in the vicious cycle of addiction, to help free them. To save lives. To mend families. And to heal communities.

We are reliant on generating our own income. Every penny we raise will make real change happen.

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 180 Project