With 40 prizes to be won, why not play the Summer Raffle today?

Play the raffle today and you will be helping to support services, such as Artrack. It’s a place where autistic artists can let their creative flair fly free. Art is known to be very therapeutic; it can help autistic people who may struggle to express themselves find new ways to share their feelings and experiences.  You will also be helping to support the Autism Helpline who receive hundreds of calls and queries from people everyday who have nowhere else to turn. The Autism Helpline team is made up of hardworking and experienced professionals who try to respond to as many desperate calls for help as possible, giving invaluable and impartial advice to people who feel lost and alone.   

You could win a first prize of £2,500! Entering is easy - don’t miss out!

It’s only £1 an entry, simply click on the Play now button below. The closing date is the 27th June 2017.

Good Luck!


Please be aware that some credit card companies will charge a transaction fee when you purchase your tickets from this website. There is no such fee for payments by debit card

Play now - tickets are £1.00 each
The National Autistic Society