About Us

Anno’s Africa is a UK based children's charity running educational arts projects for hundreds of under-privileged children in Sub Saharan Africa.  It was set up in memory of Anno Birkin a young, gifted writer and musician who died in a car crash in 2001, just one month short of his 21st birthday.    

The charity has been operating in the Nairobi slums since 2006.  There are currently over 1,000 children participating in the twice yearly workshops and weekend classes in Kibera and Mathare. Last year we extended the programme to include 250 children in an orphanage in the regional town of Nakuru and a pilot project in three remote villages in Northern Malawi, which was attended by 480 children.

All the children in our programme grow up in desperate poverty and if they do attend school, receive only a very basic primary education.  Since their families will never be able to afford secondary schools for them, these kids can never reach the standard required for professional employment.  In order to provide them with practical skills, and an alternative path towards careers in the arts and media, where no such qualification barriers exist, Anno’s Africa offers classes in 6 major disciplines; Art, Creative Writing, Dance (including ballet), Drama, Music and Circus skills.  Our 6 week long workshops are taught by UK professionals alongside their Kenyan counterparts who then run weekly clubs all year round. These clubs are funded and organized by our German based partner organization One Fine Day, thus assuring the programme’s sustainability.

To fulfil our remit to its fullest potential, however, we vitally need to build a base in Kibera so we can expand our project even further. The children need a place where they can study as often as they wish and a larger space to attend our ever growing holiday programmes. We want to create for them the facilities they deserve - a proper dance studio, an art room, spaces for creative writing, music, drama, and circus training framework outside.  This is why we are holding this raffle - and why we are so grateful to our wonderful contributors. Through their generosity, and yours, we will be able to raise the funds to make Anno's Africa a permanent fixture in the slums; a place where children can learn in safety and enjoy discovering and developing their amazing creative talents, gaining the self-esteem and confidence they need   on their journey into the adult world.

Please help us to help them by buying raffle tickets and telling all your friends


For more information, please visit our website – www.annosafrica.org.uk


Anno's Africa