About Us

Butterfly Conservation is the UK charity dedicated to saving butterflies, moths and our environment.

Our research provides advice on how to conserve and restore habitats. We run projects to protect more than 100 threatened species and we are involved in conserving hundreds of sites and reserves.

More than three-quarters of the UK’s butterflies have declined in the last 40 years. It is now up to us to prevent future extinctions, and protect the future of our precious wildlife.

We have the expertise to save our butterflies and moths; we now need the funds to put more of projects into action.

To find out more about what we do and how you could get involved visit www.butterfly-conservation.org

Or get in touch with us at:

Butterfly Conservation

Manor Yard

East Lulworth



BH20 5QP

Tel: 01929 406015

Email: info@butterfly-conservation.org

Butterfly Conservation