About Us

In the UK around 4,500 children and young people are diagnosed with cancer each year. Our goal is to ensure that one day every child with cancer will survive their diagnosis and ring the end of treatment bell.

For children like Blake (pictured) who are diagnosed with a brain tumour, research into more-effective treatments is vital Brain tumours are the most common tumour to develop in children, and claim more lives than any other childhood cancer.

That is why we need your help …

We receive no government funding, and so it is only because of supporters like you entering our grand draws that we are able to ensure that high quality research into childhood cancers gets the investment it urgently needs.  

Thanks to the kindness of our supporters, we can fund in research and welfare projects that will ultimately keep more families together:

  • We are funding over 50 visionary research projects to help create safer and kinder treatments for children with cancer

  • We have helped develop centres of excellence across the UK to ensure extraordinary research can take place

  • We invest in building ‘home from homes’ close to hospitals so families can stay close to their children free of charge

  • We throw unforgettable events so families can spend quality time together and children can focus on having fun

  • We give a voice to children with cancer and their families and raise awareness to protect future generations of children

Children with Cancer UK