The winners of the Summer Grand Draw will be announced here within 2 weeks of the draw, which takes place on 18 September 2020.

The Spring Grand Draw took place on 5th June 2020 and our full list if winners isbelow.

Prize Amount   Name Town
1st £25,000   Miss S Curning Newmarket
2nd £4,000   Mrs A McLaughlan Blairgowrie
3rd £2,000   Mrs G Pugh Chippenham
4th £100   Mr M Coulsey Yeovil
4th £100   Mrs Julie Betts Norwich
4th  £100   Mr William Surmmerscales Stoke - on - Trent
4th £100   Mr Harpal Jass Hayes
4th £100   Mr David Froggatt Birmingham
4th £100   Mr K Taylor Lincoln
4th £100   Mr A McCallum Northwick
4th £100   Mrs S Mann Peterculter
4th £100   Mrs Joan Marriott Mundesley
4th £100   Ms M Paterson Birmingham
4th £100   Mr P Jelly Chester
4th £100   Mrs J Robinson Fareham
4th £100   Mr W Renynolds Papplewick
4th £100   Mr P Shea Stockton - on - Tees
4th £100   Mrs L Dempster Swindon
4th £100   Mrs Catherine Chamberlin Whitecroft
4th £100   Mrs J Stirling Gloucester
4th £100   Mrs Muriel Thomas Totnes
4th £100   Mr P Creasey Eynsham
4th £100   Mrs Barbara Hearn Richmond