The winners of the Christmas Grand Draw 2019 will be announced within 2 weeks of the draw, which takes place on 17 January 2020.


The Summer Raffle was drawn on 20 September. Congratulations to our lucky winners!


Prize Prize  Name Town
1st £25,000 Mr D Bane London
2nd £4,000 Mr C Hockley Swansea
3rd £2,000 Miss N Clarkson Glasgow
4th £100 Mrs A Aspey Gwynedd
4th £100 Mr C Wills Northampton
4th £100 Mr Fortune Leven
4th £100 Mr T Britland Kent
4th £100 Mrs T Evans Tonypandy
4th £100 Mrs E Kilgour Johnstone
4th £100 Mr J Moraes Enfield
4th £100 Mr E Tingle Leeds
4th £100 Mr J Bolger Canvey Island
4th £100 Mr E Crumble Hartlepool
4th £100 Mrs L Howe Fakenham
4th £100 Mr J Cameron Coventry
4th £100 Mrs J Dickens Doncaster
4th £100 Mr J Hill Conwy
4th £100 Mrs I Boddy Stafford
4th £100 Mrs B Whitehouse Bishop's Stortford
4th £100 Mr G Durell Billericay
4th £100 Miss K Ayres Caterham
4th £100 Mr D Barnbrook Birmingham
4th £100 Mr & Mrs G Salt Sevenoaks