About Us

Someone in the world goes blind every five seconds.

There are two million people in the UK currently affected by sight loss and this is set to double by 2050. Sight loss is one of the biggest health challenges we face as a country.

Our mission is to stop sight loss through pioneering research. The science we fund is on the verge of so many discoveries that are already transforming lives. With your support we can create a world that everyone can see.

How we work

No eye problem is too big or too small for us to take on. We are the leading UK charity 100% dedicated to funding pioneering eye research since 1965.

Every year we invite applications for research grants from experts in eye research. Every application is put through a rigorous selection process and is scrutinised by a peer review panel.

We’re incredibly proud of our scientists and what they do every day. Our researchers are based at leading universities and hospitals across the UK.

Our ambition is high. To stop sight loss caused by eye conditions and diseases. We'll achieve this by funding the best research, becoming a voice for people affected by sight loss and providing people affected by sight loss with the information they need.

By playing our raffle today you are making it possible for us to fund research projects across the UK and to attract the brightest new talent in eye research. It’s great to have you as part of the team.

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 Fight for Sight