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Creating a future without fear

It cost £94,000 to fund this research. That’s about the amount our raffle raises every year. Look at the difference you make! With funding from Kidney Research UK supporters like you, Cristina Piñel Neparidze and Professor Kourosh Saeb-Parsy are working on a potentially life-changing research project.

They are creating mini-kidneys in their lab, and using them to study how polycystic kidney disease (PKD) develops and destroys kidney function. They are also using the mini-kidneys to test newly developed medications, which could slow down the progress of PKD.

Today, people with PKD live in fear that one day their kidneys will fail, and they will need dialysis treatment to survive. But Cristina and Kourosh hope their research will help find a way to save people’s kidney function and allow them to lead normal lives, free from the serious impacts of dialysis.

Lisa wants a better future for her family

Lisa was diagnosed with PKD when she was just 14. Tragically, this devastating genetic condition has taken the lives of generations of her family.

Lisa lived in fear of kidney failure for 27 years, and saw her mum struggling to cope with the impact of dialysis treatment. Now she too depends on dialysis to survive.

Lisa is determined that her children won’t have to live with the fear that has haunted her. Her son has already been diagnosed with PKD, and her daughter will be tested when she is old enough.

Today, Lisa is supporting Kidney Research UK and hoping that more research by people like Cristina and Kourosh will mean better treatments are available for her children, and their children.

How your money helps

Unfortunately, Lisa and her family are not alone. In the UK there are about 70,000 adults and children with PKD. It affects both sexes and all races equally. It can sometimes be life-threatening.

By playing the raffle for just £1 today you’ll be helping fund some amazing new research to make life better for people with kidney disease.

Play now and help end kidney disease. The closing date is 24 July 2024, with the draw taking place on 26 July 2024.


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