Play our Summer Raffle and help end kidney disease

The Kidney Research UK Summer Raffle is here, and you could be in with a chance to win one of 16 cash prizes, including the top prize of £6,000 and our early bird draw of £150 if you enter before 26 May.

As well as funding research, you get the thrill of possibly winning a life-changing amount of money for just £1 a ticket!

What would £6,000 mean to you? Would you start planning the holiday of a lifetime, buy a new car, splash out on some home improvements, or treat yourself to something you’ve always wanted?

By playing our raffle, you help to fund vital research for kidney patients. Including that of Dr Soma Meran, who, along with the team at Cardiff University, will be investigating what causes Vascular Clarification so that new, more specific treatments can be developed to improve heart health in kidney patients.

Kidney Patient Alex Taylor said this about Dr Meran’s research:

As a kidney patient, finding out I also had a heart condition was difficult news. Heart disease can contribute to exhaustion and can complicate the journey to a transplant. This research offers hope that one day we will be able to prevent or treat heart disease in kidney patients.

Thank you for helping make research like this possible by playing the raffle.

By playing the raffle today, you will help fund another research project that will make life better for people living with kidney disease.

Play now and help end kidney disease. The closing date is 4 August 2023, with the draw taking place on 11 August 2023.


Play now - tickets are £1.00 each
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