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A new year is here, and it’s a very special one for us all at Kidney Research UK. We’re celebrating our 60th birthday. How far we’ve come! In our early years, we invested £18,500 into new research. In 2019, we invested over £6 million to support the work of the very best kidney researchers in the UK. This incredible achievement was made possible by supporters like you.

By playing the raffle you play an important role in ending kidney disease.

In 2020, the pandemic cut our income in half, and we were devastated to have to stop funding any new research. But with your help, we can start saying ‘yes’ once again to brilliant researchers eager to find ways to end kidney disease.

We’re aiming to raise £60,000 through our raffle for our 60th birthday – please help us by buying raffle tickets today.

Your raffle tickets support the work of brilliant researchers like Dr Emily.

Dr Emily Thompson investigated whether stem cell therapy could be used to help repair and revive donor kidneys before transplantation. She used the ‘warm perfusion’ technique, pioneered by Professor Mike Nicholson, also funded by Kidney Research UK. In warm perfusion, the donor kidney is connected to a machine that flushes oxygenated blood through it. This allows the function of the kidney to be tested before transplantation, while also boosting the kidney’s health.

When Emily used the machine to introduce stem cells, she was astonished by the results. “The stem cells are alive, and they can sense the environment they’re in. They react to the inflammation in a damaged kidney, releasing lots of different molecules that calm the inflammation, and heal the kidney.”

Today, around half of donor kidneys that become available cannot be used because they are not in good enough condition. But, coupled with the warm perfusion technique, Emily’s stem cell therapy could mean that many kidneys that would otherwise have been rejected could be used. This could shorten the waiting list and save many lives.

It’s easy to enter and you could win big!

There are sixteen cash prizes, including a top prize of £6,000 – could you win our top prize?  

Simply click Play Now. The closing date is 23 July 2021, and the draw takes place on 30 July 2021.

Please help research to continue as soon as possible by purchasing your raffle tickets today. Thank you for your support and good luck in the draw!


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