Play our Christmas raffle to help end kidney disease

Christmas is on its way, and after such a challenging year, we all deserve an amazing one, don’t we?

The impact of the pandemic on our income has been far worse than we ever expected. We were devastated to have to stop funding new research temporarily. Now we really need your help to ensure that it can begin again as soon as possible.

The cost of your tickets will help ensure that vital research to end kidney disease can continue in 2021.

Research can change lives

One of the last projects we were able to fund before the coronavirus outbreak was pioneering research led by Dr Rukshana Shroff, a kidney specialist at Great Ormond Street Hospital for children, and Dr Claudio Capelli, a biomedical engineer at Great Ormond Street who uses engineering principles and computer technology to create 3D models of young patients’ organs to solve medical challenges.

45% of dialysis lines in children get infected and need replacing, which means a surgery under general anaesthetic. This can permanently damage the child’s blood vessels. Together, Rukshana and Claudio will study existing dialysis lines, and then test new designs with a variety of modifications. They’ll do these tests on computer and physical simulations, created from real archived scans of children’s hearts. It really is groundbreaking science.

It’s easy to enter and you could win big!

There are sixteen cash prizes, including a top prize of £6,000 – could you win our top prize?  

Simply click Play Now below. The closing date is 27 November 2020, and the draw takes place on 4 December 2020.

Please help research to continue as soon as possible by purchasing all your raffle tickets today. Thank you for your support and good luck in the draw!


Play now - tickets are £1.00 each
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