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Welcome to the future of Dialysis

Just imagine if dialysis machines were not the big, heavy machines of today, but were small enough to fit inside a backpack. You could carry one around with you, dialyse on the go, administering your own treatment at a time that works for you. Imagine the difference it would make to a patient whose kidneys have failed. Life would no longer have to fit around dialysis sessions. Dialysis could fit around life.

Professor Grazia De Angelis and her team at the University of Edinburgh are in their lab right now creating that amazing future. And they’re closer than you might think.

For Stuart, it can’t come soon enough

Stuart Rose has always led a busy life. He’s a chef working in the demanding environment of a professional kitchen, and a devoted husband and father. But in 2019, an ongoing auto-immune condition caused his kidneys to fail, and he had to begin an arduous dialysis routine.

At first he had nightly peritoneal dialysis at home, but eventually this wasn’t able to remove all the toxins from his blood and he had to move on to haemodialysis at hospital. His life now must fit in around the treatment that’s keeping him alive.

For Stuart, a portable dialysis machine could make a massive difference to his quality of life and restore his independence.

How your money helps

Unfortunately, Stuart is not alone. Every day 20 people are diagnosed with kidney failure. When you play one of our raffles you are supporting the research that is working to end kidney disease, transform treatments and make a change today.

Play now and help end kidney disease. The closing date is 22 March 2024, with the draw taking place on 28 March 2024.


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