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Kidney Research UK raffle players do something amazing. Every ticket you buy helps us fund more life-saving research.

These are unprecedented, difficult times. Now more than ever, funds raised by our raffle play a critical role in keeping research going.

Research can change lives

Through the generosity of our supporters, we are funding researchers like Dr Rupert Major. He is developing a risk calculator for GPs to predict which kidney patients need hospital care which will help patients receive the treatment they need sooner, whilst avoiding unnecessary referrals. It’s crucial we spot the people whose kidney disease is most likely to progress faster. This helps prevent people requiring sudden and unexpected emergency treatment. It also means that valuable hospital resources can be applied where they are needed most.

You can help save lives – with the chance to win big

16 people will win cash prizes this summer, including our top prize of £6,000 – could one of them be you?

It’s easy to enter!

Simply click Play Now. The closing date is 24 July 2020, and the draw takes place on 31 July 2020.

Thank you for standing with us to keep research going to improve the lives of kidney patients across the UK. And good luck in the draw!

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