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Who we are

Kidney Research UK is dedicated to research into kidney disease. We believe that everybody deserves a life free from kidney disease.

Kidney disease waits for nothing

20 people a day in the UK develop kidney failure. Kidney disease can happen to any of us, at any stage of our lives. But there is no known cure, and existing treatments are tremendously hard – both on those who have the disease, and on the people they love. Too many lives are turned upside down by kidney disease. And too many people are dying, at too young an age, because of it. Treatments such as dialysis and transplants are a lifeline for patients with kidney disease, but it is not enough. Dialysis is described by some as, ‘life support with no life,’ and transplants bring a fresh set of medical risks and considerations.

Every year in the UK, nearly 60,000 people die prematurely because of kidney disease. Yet research to beat it does not receive anywhere near the level of funding of other life-threatening diseases, such as cancer or heart disease.

Supporting us by playing our raffle can do something incredible.

It can drive vital research until a cure for kidney disease is found. It can improve the treatments people are given. It can allow people to live happy and fulfilled lives again, without restriction and without fear.

Research can change lives

Through the generosity of our supporters, we are funding researchers like Dr Rupert Major. He is developing a risk calculator for GPs to predict which kidney patients need hospital care which will help patients receive the treatment they need sooner, whilst avoiding unnecessary referrals. It’s crucial we spot the people whose kidney disease is most likely to progress faster. This helps prevent people requiring sudden and unexpected emergency treatment. It also means that valuable hospital resources can be applied where they are needed most.

Together we can free lives from kidney disease.

To find out more about the research we fund, visit: www.kidneyresearchuk.org/research


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