About Us

Who we are:

The Fly Navy Heritage Trust is the charity behind Navy Wings, working to preserve Britain’s great naval aviation heritage. It relies on public donations to support its work in maintaining, presenting and flying an unrivalled collection of historic naval aircraft.

What we do:

The development of Britain’s great naval aviation heritage is one of the most remarkable stories of the past hundred years. It is a story of epic achievement, heroic and daring actions and world leading technological advancement that radically shaped history.

The Charity’s objectives are:

  • To EDUCATE members of the public in the history, traditions and exploits of the Fleet Air Arm and the history of Royal Navy aviation generally.
  • To INSPIRE by promoting and displaying historic aircraft, the efficiency and effectiveness of aviation in the Royal Navy.
  • To REMEMBER by providing a living memorial and tribute to the men and women who have flown, maintained or contributed in any way to the operation of aircraft in the Fleet.

Funded by public donations, Navy Wings brings the excitement and discovery of this story to life by restoring, maintaining and flying a collection of historic aircraft, which display to over three million people annually at air shows and events up and down the country.

Contact us:

Navy Wings Heritage Centre,
Building 412,
South Dispersal,
RNAS Yeovilton,
BA22 8HT

Telephone: 01935 842 005

Email: office@navywings.org.uk

To speak to us about our Superdraws or the Weekly Lottery please contact the Lottery Helpline team

Telephone: 01628 200 341

 Email: lottery@navywings.org.uk 

 Navy Wings