About Us

Together, we are the world’s emergency responders

When you see a major emergency in the news, it’s likely that the British Red Cross are helping those affected.

From earthquakes to armed conflict, from fires to floods, in the UK and abroad, our teams react quickly with humanitarian aid and kindness across 192 countries, applying local knowledge and global expertise to save lives and provide comfort.

Outside of emergencies, in the UK, our services reach people who are vulnerable to provide company, care and compassion. The British Red Cross works with the NHS to help people get home from hospital, make sure their fridges are stocked and regularly check in on them. We’re also the UK's largest independent provider of services for refugees, asylum seekers, vulnerable migrants and survivors of trafficking.

With multiple emergencies overseas and mounting crises at home, you can help us reach those most in need by buying a ticket today.

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Proceeds will go towards our life-saving work, with every ticket making a difference. Playing is easy – simply select the Play Now button from the menu above to buy a £1 ticket and be in with a chance of winning £5,000.

How your help can make a real difference…

£10 could supply a family with 1,200 chlorine tablets to give them access to clean, safe water.

£24 could provide food for a family of four who have been evacuated from their home by fire or flood in the UK.

£65 could make sure one of our UK emergency response vehicles reaches people when they are needed.

Get in touch

To find out more about our work, please contact us:

British Red Cross

UK Office

44 Moorfields

London EC2Y 9AL

Tel: 0300 456 1155

Email: supportercare@redcross.org.uk



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