Play our Christmas Raffle today and help us find and treat more people with trachoma.

Every £1 ticket you buy could protect the sight of six children and help us eliminate trachoma for good. You will also have the chance to win £5,000! There is a second prize of £1,000, a third prize of £250 and five runner-up prizes of £100, so there are plenty of chances to win with the Sightsavers Christmas Raffle!

Please help us stop the agony of trachoma

Trachoma is a highly contagious disease, easily spread by flies and through touch. If left untreated, over time the scarring causes the lashes to turn inwards, scraping against the eye. Sufferers go blind blink by agonising blink: once someone has lost their sight in this way, it can never be restored

There is a solution

When you play our Christmas Raffle, Sightsavers can reach more people with antibiotics that can cure the disease and prevent reinfection. By treating whole villages we can stop the spread of trachoma and eventually eliminate it altogether.

Take part in our Christmas Raffle today!

Just click on the play now button below. The closing date for entries is 17 December and the draw will be held on 19 December 2018.

Thank you for playing our raffle and helping us save sight. Good luck in the draw!


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