About Us

Tennis First is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (number 1173079), a charity registered with the Charity Commission, and helps young players throughout the UK who, in our opinion, have all the attributes required and are dedicated to fulfilling their potential of reaching a senior world ranking of 250 and better.​

Tennis is an expensive game when it comes to developing young talent from beginner to Tour level – perhaps as much as £250,000 (with the bulk of those funds being required to compete internationally).​

Tennis First chooses its players independently and in assessing applicants’ potential it takes into account other non-financial factors (e.g. injuries, late development).  It is flexible enough to direct resources where they are most needed, which could mean extra coaching; specialist advice (e.g. physical training, psychology); travel expenses; or contributions to academies.​

None of the money is distributed without proper scrutiny of the effectiveness of the grant, both for the recipient and the charity.




 Tennis First