The winners of the Christmas Raffle 2021 will be announced following the draw, which takes place on 15 December 2021.

The New Year Raffle was drawn on 24 March 2021. Congratulations to our lucky winners!

1st Prize - £4,000  
Mr Wickham   Camborne
2nd Prize - £1,000
Mrs Willis   Ashford
3rd Prize - £500  
Mrs Hobbs   Eastleigh
20 x Runners-up - Coffee Story Ethiopian coffee hamper
Mr Jones   Bridgend
Mr Brooks   Middlesborough
Mrs Walker   Paignton
Ms Ryan   Abergavenny
Mrs Den-Hollander   Plymouth
Miss Gilbert   Birmingham
Mrs  Barducci   Worthing
Mrs Remnant   Fareham
Mr Brimacombe   Hereford
Mr Hobbs   Wareham
Ms Ayngel-Summer Maldon
Mrs Jeeva   Edinburgh
Mr Karen   Leeds
Mr White   Christchurch
Ms Blackmore   Ludlow
Mr Ruddock   Liverpool
Ms Fellows   Bewdley
Mrs Sood   Leicester
Mr Faulkner   Penryn
Ms King   Hayle