The winners of the Spring Raffle 2024 will be announced within 2 weeks of the draw, which takes place on 22 July 2024


Our Christmas Raffle was drawn on 12th January 2024. Congratulations to our lucky winners!


Prize Title Surname Town
£750 Mrs Sim PEMBROKE
£500 Mr Barlow WELLS
£100   Hawes HAVERHILL
£25 Mrs Weatherston EDINBURGH
£25 Mrs Ferriday HIGH PEAK
£25 Mrs Hubbard HORSHAM
£25 Mrs Morrison PAISLEY
£25 Mrs Foxton GUISBOROUGH
£25 Miss Davies FERNDOWN
£25 Mrs Tansey LONDON
£25 Mrs Allen MARLOW
£25 Miss Vowles BROMLEY
£25 Miss Pantridge FAREHAM
£25 Miss Allen UCKFIELD
£25 Mrs Sparrow WESTGATE-ON-SEA
£25 Mrs Butterfield WINCHESTER
£25 Mrs Keene WEYMOUTH
£25 Mr & Mrs Preston BONNYRIGG
Soft Toy Mr & Mrs Williamson COOKHAM
Soft Toy Dr Mears DOVER
Soft Toy Mrs Proud CORBRIDGE
Soft Toy   Watson YORK
Soft Toy Mr Drury BEVERLEY
Soft Toy Mrs Godbold NORWICH
Soft Toy Mr Widera MARLOW
Soft Toy Miss Jacobs TRING
Soft Toy Miss Conlon MANCHESTER
Soft Toy Mr & Mrs Costin EASTLEIGH
Soft Toy Mrs Brown WICKFORD
Soft Toy Mrs Howard LIVERPOOL
Soft Toy Mrs Koelz BIDEFORD
Soft Toy Mrs Anderson GREAT YARMOUTH
Soft Toy Mrs Morris GUILDFORD
Soft Toy Mr Siggers LONDON
Soft Toy Mr & Mrs Lane & Lawlee AYLESBURY
Soft Toy Mr & Mrs Wickham CAMBORNE
Soft Toy Mr & Mrs Thompson HULL
Soft Toy Ms Mohan LONDON