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By playing our Christmas Raffle it helps us to continue to fund research, keep up the pressure for access to life-saving medicines and offer support to people like Katie and her daughter Peggy, who is three years old and has CF.

“At three weeks old, we knew something wasn’t right”

“Peggy was born two weeks early and was below her birth weight. At three weeks old, we knew something wasn’t right, and we realised she hadn’t had the heel prick test due to a communication error.” After seven tough weeks of worrying, Katie was relieved when Peggy was diagnosed:

“We finally had an answer and hadn’t failed as parents. I had an overwhelming feeling of guilt knowing we’d passed on a genetic condition, but we’re moving forward for her.

“The Trust sent me materials which really helped to raise awareness about CF in my local community. I’ve also sent the pre-school online pack to Peggy’s nursery which is so informative, and as a result the teachers have fundraised for the Trust.”

“Please buy a raffle ticket! Every pound counts and the more that’s put into research, the greater the chance of a breakthrough for Peggy.”

Nothing stops Peggy from having fun and her family take each challenge as it comes. “The treatments felt like so much to remember at first, but after a few days it felt normal. Peggy is very active - she’s on her trampoline every day and goes to gymnastics!

“It would be life changing for Peggy to be able to wake up one day and not have to take medication and do physio just to remain healthy. I worry that when she goes to university or has a family, the burden of treatment will be hard to manage. Finding a cure for CF would be amazing and the Trust works endlessly to reach that goal.”

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Thank you for your support families for affected by Cystic Fibrosis and best of luck in the draw.


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