Will you support people with cystic fibrosis this summer?

You can win £2,000 or one of our fantastic prizes, and support our fight for longer, healthier lives for people with cystic fibrosis (CF).

We knew life would never be the same”

When Jo, mother of beautiful new-born twins, found out that the results of Eddy’s heel-prick test were positive for CF, she felt nothing but utter shock and devastation:

“The first few months were very hard – we had to get used to giving our baby medication and placing a tiny mask on his face, which often we did in tears. Eddy’s condition has affected us all individually and as a family. His grandparents have been fantastic and supportive and they too felt the sadness upon hearing the diagnosis but now they try to remain positive about his future.”

“Please buy raffle tickets as CF is heart-breaking and the Trust brings hope that CF can be beaten”

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Thank you for your support families for affected by cystic fibrosis and best of luck in the draw.


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