Play for a Porpoise! Protect whales and dolphins and you could win £1,000!

Whales and dolphins are amazing, their lives and cultures are fascinating. Much like humans, whales and dolphins have rich emotional and social lives, they are intelligent and self-aware, can form strong friendships and mourn the loss of loved ones. They deserve the kind of protection that only comes with legal rights.

You can help protect whales and dolphins by playing the raffle for just £1 this Christmas PLUS you could win some festive funds in the process! Its a win-win situation.

You can help to support work to establish rights for whales and fund research to learn more about their behaviours and how they keep the ocean healthy and thriving.

Just click on the Play now button below. The closing date is 11th January and the draw will be held on 18th January 2024. 

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