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We ensure that Gurkha veterans, their widows and their wider communities are able to live with dignity. We achieve this primarily through the provision of financial, medical and community aid in Nepal.

We operate through 21 Area Welfare Centres spread across traditional Gurkha recruiting areas. In the UK, in conjunction with other service charities and government bodies we offer advice and support to help the thousands of retired Gurkhas and their families who choose to settle here.

Enter to help Gurkha Veterans like Jabar Bahadur Rai

When 84-year-old Gurkha veteran Jabar Bahadur Rai was admitted to our Residential Home in Dharan, he was wheelchair bound and unable to walk. He was suffering from recurrent UTIs and was at risk of malnutrition.

Jabar was a resident at the Home for a total of 128 days, during which time he underwent extensive physiotherapy to help strengthen his legs. As well as helping to improve his mobility, the team at Dharan also provided nutritional support, psychological support and help with pain management. He also underwent a cataract surgery to improve the vision in his right eye.

After four months of rehabilitation treatment Jabar was able to go home. He was able to walk again with the use of a walking aid, his vision had improved, and he had gained weight. Jabar is so grateful for the care he received, transforming his health, and enabling him to live a better life.


Our two Residential Homes in Kaski and Dharan both have dedicated bed spaces for those who need rehabilitation on a short-term basis due to a stroke, illness, or long-term medical condition. When they return home, we continue to support them with regular visits from medical staff to check on their heath, supply medication and equipment, and advise on exercises to keep them mobile.

By entering this raffle, you are helping to provide this life-changing rehabilitation service for elderly Gurkha veterans and widows in Nepal. For 200 years they have fought for us – now, we fight for them.

For more info please go to www.gwt.org.uk


 The Gurkha Welfare Trust