Enter Compassion’s Signs of Spring raffle for a chance to win £2,000!

Every ticket you buy could help farm animals to experience the first signs of spring.

By supporting the Compassion raffle, you’ll be helping to protect animals from the cruelty of factory farming. Around the world, 70 billion animals are farmed each year for meat, milk or eggs. And the majority of these animals are confined in cages, narrow stalls or in over crowded sheds, with little or no opportunity to behave as nature intended.

These farming systems urgently need to change. Many animals will never be able to roam on grassland, breathe fresh air, and some won’t ever see sunlight, for their entire lives. You’ve already done so much to bring about positive change for animals around the world. By supporting the raffle, you’ll be fighting factory farming and giving more animals the chance to enjoy the spring sunshine, out in the fields.

If you enter Compassion’s Signs of Spring raffle, the longer days could also bring with them a fantastic cash prize!

Tickets cost only £1 each and you could win one of these great cash prizes:

  • 1st Prize £2,000

  • 2nd Prize £500

  • 10 Prizes of £100

Please buy as many raffle tickets as you can – You could help deliver yet more big wins for farm animals…and be celebrating a win yourself as spring kicks in!

The closing date is 12th April 2018 and the draw will take place on 19th April.

Thank you for your support and good luck in the draw!


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