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The winners of the Compassion Raffle will be announced here within 2 weeks of the draw which takes place on 21 March 2024.

Below are the names of our lucky winners in the Compassion Raffle drawn in December 2023:

Prize Name Town
1st Mrs Kitching Essex
2nd Mrs Milligan Edinburgh
Runner up Mr Crook Shropshire
Runner up Ms Grass Surrey
Runner up Ms. Lloyd Owen UK
Runner up Mr Nightingale West Yorkshire
Runner up Ms Binnie Sheffield
Runner up Mrs Collier Surrey
Runner up Mr Ashton East Yorkshire
Runner up Mrs Mossom Greater London
Runner up Mr & Mrs Jolliffe East Yorkshire
Runner up Mrs Fisk Kent
Superseller Ms Davies Camarthenshire

Below are the names of our lucky winners in the Summer Raffle:

Prize Name Town
1 Mrs Hunt Minehead
2 Ms Evans Bristol
3 Mrs Densham Sale
4 Mr Jameson Bournemouth
5 Mrs  Allen London
6 Mrs Best Sittingbourne
7 Mrs Gurner Beaconsfield
8 Ms Daniel Marlborough
9 Mr Harrison Dumfries
10 Mr Rice Exeter
11 Mrs Waller Cardigan
12 Miss Lovegrove Southampton