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The winners of the Autumn Raffle will be announced here within 2 weeks of the draw, which takes place on 15 December 2021



Congratulations to our lucky winners!


1st Prize - £1,000

Mr Richards

2nd Prize - £500

Ms Lindeman

5 x £100

Mr Sihota

Mrs Johnson

Mrs Taylor

Mr Green

Ms Day


Congratulations to the lucky winners of our Spring Raffle 2021!

1st Prize- £2,000

Mrs Pickering

2nd Prize - £500

Miss Harvey

Mrs Conchar

10 x £100

Mrs Troy

Mr Glegg

Ms Jenkins

Ms Kett-White

Mrs Downes

Mrs Cath

Miss Baker

Ms Carter

Mrs Smalley

Mrs Quinland


Congratulations to the Autumn 2020 raffle winners:

1st Prize- £2,000

Mrs Jones

2nd Prize - £500

Mrs Reed

10 x £100

Mrs Stone

T Sillifant

Mrs Harr

Mrs Harmer

Miss Campbell

Mrs Cox

Mr Leys

Mrs Shore

Ms Barkla

Mrs Clark


Congratulations to the lucky winners of our Summer 2020 Raffle:

1st Prize- £1,000

Mrs Saloway

2nd Prize - £500

Mrs Brace

10 x £100

Mr Byrd

Miss Gilchrist

Mr Lee

Mrs Tilbury

Mr Martin


Congratulations to the lucky winners of our Spring 2020 Raffle:

1st Prize- £2,020

Pauline Carson

2nd Prize - £500

Helen Phillips

3rd Prize - £500

Kerry Beeson

20 x £50

Mrs Parisi

Margaret Flemming

Mrs C Morgan

Mrs J A Keohane

Robert Vickers

Adele O'Rourke

Mr DJ Deeming

Miss Zoe King

Lee Matthews

Liz Shaw

Miss L E Travers

Miss Clarke

Mrs NG Mukherjee

Diane Cross

R Mcdonald

Sally McGoon

Susan Wolfendale

Ms P Bower

Mr T Trull

Amy Warner