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How your money helps

Undercover investigations

– exposing the reality of modern intensive farming practices.

Speaking out

– on issues like live transport and calling for an end to practices that cause unnecessary suffering to millions of farm animals.

Political lobbying

– winning new laws to protect farm animals from cruelty. We have already achieved landmark bans on the barren battery cage for hens and narrow veal crate across the European Union.

Working with

– some of the world’s biggest food retailers, producers and manufacturers to bring better lives to millions of farm animals every year.

Putting an end to the biggest cause of cruelty on the planet won’t happen overnight – but we won’t stop until every farm animal is treated with compassion and respect.


10 tickets = £10

Could help our policy team win new laws to protect farm animals.

20 tickets = £20

Could help fund investigations to expose the truth about factory farming.

30 tickets = £30

Could help support high impact campaigns for an end factory farming practices and long distance live transport.

Tickets cost £1 each and entering online is easy, safe and secure.

Closing date: 08 December 2021. Draw date: 15 December 2021.

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The raffle is only open to residents of England, Wales and Scotland.