About Us

The leading farm animal welfare charity

Compassion in World Farming was founded in 1967 by a British farmer who became horrified by the development of intensive factory farming.

Today we campaign peacefully to end all factory farming practices. We believe that the biggest cause of cruelty on the planet deserves a focused, specialised approach – so we only work on farm animal welfare.

We are immensely proud of what Compassion supporters have achieved so far.

Our undercover investigations have exposed the reality of intensive farming systems and brought the plight of farm animals to the attention of the world's media.

Our political lobbying and campaigning has helped to end the use of cruel sow stalls in the UK, and secured legal recognition across Europe that animals can feel pain and suffer. We have also achieved landmark bans on the barren battery care for hens and narrow veal crate across the European Union.

Compassion in World Farming’s Food Business team is working with some of the world’s biggest food companies – retailers, producers and manufacturers. Whether they end the use of cages, or choose slower-growing breeds, these companies have immense power to improve animal welfare in their supply chains. And, to date, 1.78 billion farm animals are set to benefit every year as a result of Compassion’s food business programme.

There are however, still many challenges we have to face if we are to realise our vision of a world where all farm animals are treated with compassion and respect. We believe that farm animals should not and need not suffer, and will campaign relentlessly until we bring about the end of factory farming.

Compassion in World Farming